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April 30, 2011

My first blog post (and π)

Well, some of my friends have blogs, and I decided, hey, why not? So here I am, thinking of what to write here. For the sake of having something to talk about, I shall talk about Pi. That wonderful number yes, also written as π or as I like to write it just because I can and I am like that:


Ahem, well it's an interesting number. How to find Pi, you ask? Well, Pi = c/w. C is the circumference of a circle, and w is the width (or properly called, diameter).

Uses of Pi:
-Determine the circumference of a circle by using this formula: πr²
-Win a Pi memorization contest (and beat the current record-holder while at it!)
-Be a nerd
-Anything with circles really.
-Improve your memory
-Discover the joy of irrational numbers.