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June 20, 2011

Random Pictures:

My Rubik's Cubes. The keychain one is elsewhere.

Tokio Hotel for school stickers!

Rediscovered Tamagotchi obsession...

My favorite CD's. ^.^

All of that is just random lyrics.
And the webpage behind is

My iTunes. ♪♫

My USB and my combination lock.
Also, a novel I'm working on in a notebook.

Tom Kaulitz ♥

The mess that has become of my books...

My iPod (playing some Tokio Hotel)

June 11, 2011

My Wonderful Guitar and Amplifier

Because I love it do death, and it is my buddy. And because it's cool. Very much rock-star appropiate. Or rather, rock-star to be...

A Picture of Me

For those of you curious to know what I look like, here is a nice picture I found in which I don't actually look retarded (as sometimes happens) or plain weird. I am not photogenic at all. Here it is:

Me and my mom
So.... what do you think?