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August 23, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

Since I desperately needed something to blog about...
Tropical Storm Irene.
It passed over where I live, and here are some pictures I took:
A tree falling down the river...

This is the same river, no tree (except those in the distance)

August 15, 2011


My computer decided to annoy me these past few days.
I had to clear the disk and defrag. Defragging takes FOREVER. And with my computer having so many files stored in it, and so many word docs. and songs from my iPod, and pictures (random, like from imgfave and google and other hilarious places in the intrawebz), and what-not, it takes even longer than it should. Also, iTunes is being evil lately, and I seriously am considering backing up all my songs, and uninstalling iTunes, to reinstall and hopefully fix whatever it is that went wrong (I don't know what it is). Or you know, just buying a new laptop altogether. But I ♥ my laptop (I shall inform you it is named Saturn in fancy blue text because I decided that's how it is). So you know, buying a new laptop would sort of mean the same as killing my best friend (metaphorically). Therefore, let's hope I figure out what's wrong with it before it's too late or something.
Now, I am hungry and mom takes forever to make food, and I already ate half a poptart that was in the fridge, and drank some juice, and ate animal crackers and a cheeto (yay brother for being so generous... not) and yeah. I am starving currently. But not for long.
I ♥ butterflies, and this only makes sense to a few people. Do not try to understand. It's complicated.
And my iPod is awesome :D Oh wait, I think I have already mentioned my love for it.... Did you know? I illegally married it last year. You know, since it's a minor (3-4 yrs. old), it isn't exactly permissible for me to marry it. Also we have no documentation of this, save for the ringt (a mood ring) and the 9+ GB of music it has stored. I think it's fun.
And now, all those Pokemón fans out there, prepare for fandomness!
Yes. Awesomeness. I have to figure out how to rotate it though. And to the person who commented, YAY A COMMENT :D *gives almost-better-than-DC's-brownies brownies and a gazillion awesome points*

August 9, 2011

My Friend From Peru

On a happier note, today I saw my BFFITWWW [Best Friend Forever In The Whole Wide World (though it could stand for World Wide Web, but that's another matter completely)] who just so happens to be from this country in South America called Peru. I feel that first sentence had way too many capital letters, but then again, I should think of poor German people who have to capitalize every noun in a sentence. Therefore, that sentence would have looked something like this: On a happier Note, today, I saw my BFFITWWW [Best Friend Forever In The Whole Wide World (though it could stand for World Wide Web, but that's another Matter completely)] who just so happens to be from this Country in South America called Peru.
Actually, that doesn't look too bad. It's nice for grammar practice.

ANYWAY the point is we were being hilarious. 'Nuff said. No, not really, but whatever.
We laughed our heads off when Fang died in Maximum Ride, not because of hatred (we ♥ Fang, and are FANGirls) but because I was in "pavera" mode. "Pavera" in Spanish is when a teenager/child or YA person is laughing for no reason at all, or to said person everything seems funny, resulting in uncontrollable laughter mania. The tone in which I read that scene was so funny (I literally read it in two accents, randomly switching) that it was impossible not to laugh. And then I impersonated Max, making it even more hilarious.

Then our moms started having an awkward talk which neither of us felt comfortable with (mom, stop talking about bras), and so, we started talking about music and what-not. Her little sister said we're boring, and then we started laughing some more, and then I had this puppet pals episode stuck in my head, so it was all I could think of. No link at the moment because I am too lazy. Don't expect one. It might come though. Oh well.

So, the point is, she is leaving back to her dear country tomorrow (or the day after, I can't be sure), and I will surely miss her. I hadn't seen her for a year, and now it might be another year until then. This is sad people, SAD. And e-mailing and Facebook is not the same. AT ALL. So yeah. Here I will become sad again. And that's it, pretty much. Oh and I have to meet her friend who is my clone. So yes, I have to go to Peru someday. I'd ask for donations or something, but I don't think it's necessary and I don't really expect you to do anything. See, I'm not comfortable with asking for money (it makes me feel... odd), and I dislike handling personal info. so yeah. No donations. Unless you really really really really want to and can't live without it. And even still, no donations. Just you know, good luck wishes and whatever.

Comment. Please. It makes my day.

Left-Handed Desks Wanted

Yes. Left-handed desks. At first, you would probably think "Oh, there's no such thing. A desk is a desk. It can be used by a right-handed person just the same as a left-haned person". But no. There is a difference. I speak from experience. I am left-handed.
I realized today in school, that at least 4 classrooms I take class in have desks with tables much too small (think maybe 10 inches width), and on the right side of the chair/desk contraption thing that they are. This results in me sitting in an odd angle (sideways, of course) and still twisting my back crazily, in order to be able to properly write, simply because genetic predisposition decided I am left-handed and unaverage. That results in my lower back hurting long after the day has ended (it still hurts. Ow.) and me having a deep longing for a left handed desk of some sort, or at least a normal size desk.
I told my Ethics teacher that I simply cannot write using that desk and she looked at me in all seriousness and said: "So? I can't do anything for you right now. Does it matter?". DOES IT MATTER?!?!!? What does the woman think, being a dinosaur teacher (aka, very old), and being RIGHT HANDED. Gosh. She probably can't imagine the pain I feel right now because of her. This year is suffering. So nice for a freshman, don't you think?

Therefore, I demand schools to have desks for left-handed people as well, or at least desks that are two feet wide instead of ten inches. You know, proper writing surfaces in which I can arrange my books and notebooks and still have space to nap during class while writing. Yeah. So that's my complain for today.