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July 4, 2012

Yet Another Unfortunate Happening

The title doesn't mean it wasn't fun though.
I kind of just broke the fridge...


By the way, I didn't proofread that last post. Sorry if there are any typos or such things.

RC Planes and an Unfortunate Situation

Before telling you the story, I must first give you a little background information.
My dad is very enthusiastic about planes, cars, and the like. Particularly, he likes building them and taking them apart to find out how it works -much like me.
Recently, we discovered there is a nice field not too far from home, where we can fly RC planes. In fact, there's a club there, and we're planning on joining (we already have the papers, as of a few minutes before I wrote this post).
So naturally, being the enthusiast that he is, my dad bought a plane so we can fly it. Okay, let's be honest, he bought three.
Now to the real story here:
The first plane we got arrived in the mail. We opened it, assembled it and such, and then we tried it to see if it worked. Unfortunately, while testing it at home, we had uh... technical difficulties. The kind that means the motor fell out and cables got ripped.
We tried to fix it, but it was next to impossible to solder, and to be honest, the cables were next to impossible to repair.
Naturally, we wanted it fixed, so my dad bought three new motors (they were cheaper than we had thought). While we waited for the motors to arrive in the mail so we could fix our plane, we decided to buy another. See, we kind of really really wanted to fly something- anything.
The mail was fast, so my dad and my little brother (who refuses to let me put a picture here of) went to fly it, while I was at my friend's house. Not too nice, right? But I forgive them.
Then the motors arrived in the mail and all was fine and dandy. You know, if by fine and dandy you mean my dad and my brother soldering at night and testing the plane today in the morning, thus waking me up with a loud whirring noise. That might've been a run-on sentence.
Anyway, I woke up to find that in the plane which had had the motor totaled and now fixed there was a new difficulty. The signal from the remote to the plane was now messed up, causing the throttle control to work incorrectly. This meaning that when the control was in the position for stopping the plane, the motor would work at full power, and viceversa.
My dad spent all morning fixing it, wishing we could be at the field, because there was no wind or rain. Then he fixed it, and all was well. Except, well, the fact that the batteries weren't charged. So we charged them.
By the time they charged, it started raining. We got in the car, to see if there was any chance we could fly.
We got to the place, and pretty much as soon as we got there, all of the rain in the world started falling. We figured we'd wait it out, to see if it cleared out. (By now we were all very impatient.) The rain eventually cleared out almost entirely, leaving just a slight drizzle. However, just then, we saw a lightning strike. And another. And another. Naturally, we can't fly in conditions with lightning, so we sighed collectively and picked up our stuff, putting it all back in the car.
So basically what I'm saying here is I haven't gotten the chance to fly a real plane, although I've flown a simulator. We decided that we'll wait for a day with no thunderstorms so we can actually fly our planes, fully charged, and with no technical difficulties.
But hey, at least we tried, and we fixed them :)

Also, I have the Blogger app on my phone now, so hopefully I will update more often.