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November 6, 2011

Another post:

So as we all know (if you didn't know, well now you do), NaNo started 6 days ago. Currently I have 6611/50,000 words written. That means I'm behind by about 3391 words. Today I will write like a madwoman.
Luckily, I just finished the powerpoint I had to do for Theater, and the powerpoint I had to do for History. I think they're both pretty good, except that the History powerpoint isn't really finished because I still need the information of the other three girls in the group, but at least my part is done (animations and all).
Hopefully I won't get too much writer's block today because if I do, I'm screwed. Now, I'm gonna go add animations to the Theater powerpoint, and then probably gonna write while watching a movie or something. Or maybe I'll watch the movie and then write. Or write and reward myself with the movie. Yeah, I'll do that.
And maybe I'll make cookies too. I want to make cookies.

October 3, 2011

A haircut saved my life.

So tomorrow it’s picture day for my brother, which means he had to get a haircut today. Guess what? His need for a haircut saved our lives (us being him, my mom, and I). How? Well, today there was a shooting in the road we usually take to get home. However, since he had to get the haircut, he decided to get it at the same place as his friend always did (which was closer to the school than it was to our house, and that is quite some distance). We were in the haircut place when it happened. Normally though, we would have been on the road. If we hadn’t gone to get him a haircut, we might have been killed today, for all I know. And that is why haircuts are important. A haircut saved my life.

September 22, 2011

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

I know it's been a while since I've written something here. But I decided to do so now. So fear not!

So, in science class, lately, we've been studying gravity (and the Law of Universal Gravitation, proposed by Sir Isaac Newton). Then today, I stayed home and didn't go to school. However, I spent the day doing productive stuff, among them, I watched a documentary I had recorded about Einstein. They were discussing his theory of General Relativity, and so, I found it to be very interesting.
As I was watching, the narrator started talking about Einstein's theory, and then pointed out that according to Einstein, there's no such thing as gravity. How is this possible? you may ask. Well, here's how:

  • Sir Isaac Newton knew that unbalanced forces were needed to cause movement, and he thought of gravity when the apple fell. We know that. However, what they don't tell us is that he knew a push was needed to change the object's movement. When the apple fell, he had no explanation as to what that push might be. He resolved to make up the idea of gravitational pull.
  • Einstein knew this. One day, he was thinking, and wondered what would happen if a man fell from a building. He concluded the man would be weightless, which was how he began to form his theory of special relativity.
  • [insert lots of things here that I don't feel like explaining]
  • He decided that what Newton thought to be gravity, is actually the bending of the time/space fabric around objects, and that such bending/warping causes objects to fall to other objects. Kinda like if you had a blanket stretched out, and you had a basketball (for example), and dropped it on the center of the blanket, which by the way isn't on the floor, but suspended, then obviously, that center part would sink down, right? Now, picture another ball (maybe a softball). If you drop it near the basketball, it will fall towards it because the blanket is "warped". This same thing happens in the universe.
  • Hence, all we know about gravity is wrong.
  • Einstein proved his theory with observations of starlight during solar eclipses (when the light passed near the sun, it was warped).
This means our teacher is teaching us erroneous information, which makes the class quite pointless. Don't you think?

September 9, 2011


So, for English, I have to do a research project on how the eyes and brain perceive color. Apparently (and this makes very much sense to me, having discussed this before with my dad), everyone sees colors differently. What I mean by this is that we do not see the exact same shade of colors as someone else does. For example, the purple in my blog might seem brighter to me, and darker to someone else looking at it. Or it might be more pinkish than purple to someone. I find this to be very interesting. I also find color blindness to be interesting. My dad, for example, is yellow-green colorblind. He can see yellow. He can see green. He just can't see yellow on green or viceversa. He can't see a yellow golf ball on grass. It's hard for him to distinguish it, even if it seems obvious to me that it's there, and the yellow makes it stand out to me.
And now I ran out of stuff to say. Odd.
I wonder, what would it be like, if someday I saw color the way someone else does. It would be odd, don't you think?

September 3, 2011

Ask My OCs!

Yes. My OCs (original characters) have blogs now. You can ask them anything you want, they will most likely answer :D
Links here:
Ask Midnight and Violet
Ask Akira and Haruki
Ask Tsubaki

August 23, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

Since I desperately needed something to blog about...
Tropical Storm Irene.
It passed over where I live, and here are some pictures I took:
A tree falling down the river...

This is the same river, no tree (except those in the distance)

August 15, 2011


My computer decided to annoy me these past few days.
I had to clear the disk and defrag. Defragging takes FOREVER. And with my computer having so many files stored in it, and so many word docs. and songs from my iPod, and pictures (random, like from imgfave and google and other hilarious places in the intrawebz), and what-not, it takes even longer than it should. Also, iTunes is being evil lately, and I seriously am considering backing up all my songs, and uninstalling iTunes, to reinstall and hopefully fix whatever it is that went wrong (I don't know what it is). Or you know, just buying a new laptop altogether. But I ♥ my laptop (I shall inform you it is named Saturn in fancy blue text because I decided that's how it is). So you know, buying a new laptop would sort of mean the same as killing my best friend (metaphorically). Therefore, let's hope I figure out what's wrong with it before it's too late or something.
Now, I am hungry and mom takes forever to make food, and I already ate half a poptart that was in the fridge, and drank some juice, and ate animal crackers and a cheeto (yay brother for being so generous... not) and yeah. I am starving currently. But not for long.
I ♥ butterflies, and this only makes sense to a few people. Do not try to understand. It's complicated.
And my iPod is awesome :D Oh wait, I think I have already mentioned my love for it.... Did you know? I illegally married it last year. You know, since it's a minor (3-4 yrs. old), it isn't exactly permissible for me to marry it. Also we have no documentation of this, save for the ringt (a mood ring) and the 9+ GB of music it has stored. I think it's fun.
And now, all those Pokemón fans out there, prepare for fandomness!
Yes. Awesomeness. I have to figure out how to rotate it though. And to the person who commented, YAY A COMMENT :D *gives almost-better-than-DC's-brownies brownies and a gazillion awesome points*

August 9, 2011

My Friend From Peru

On a happier note, today I saw my BFFITWWW [Best Friend Forever In The Whole Wide World (though it could stand for World Wide Web, but that's another matter completely)] who just so happens to be from this country in South America called Peru. I feel that first sentence had way too many capital letters, but then again, I should think of poor German people who have to capitalize every noun in a sentence. Therefore, that sentence would have looked something like this: On a happier Note, today, I saw my BFFITWWW [Best Friend Forever In The Whole Wide World (though it could stand for World Wide Web, but that's another Matter completely)] who just so happens to be from this Country in South America called Peru.
Actually, that doesn't look too bad. It's nice for grammar practice.

ANYWAY the point is we were being hilarious. 'Nuff said. No, not really, but whatever.
We laughed our heads off when Fang died in Maximum Ride, not because of hatred (we ♥ Fang, and are FANGirls) but because I was in "pavera" mode. "Pavera" in Spanish is when a teenager/child or YA person is laughing for no reason at all, or to said person everything seems funny, resulting in uncontrollable laughter mania. The tone in which I read that scene was so funny (I literally read it in two accents, randomly switching) that it was impossible not to laugh. And then I impersonated Max, making it even more hilarious.

Then our moms started having an awkward talk which neither of us felt comfortable with (mom, stop talking about bras), and so, we started talking about music and what-not. Her little sister said we're boring, and then we started laughing some more, and then I had this puppet pals episode stuck in my head, so it was all I could think of. No link at the moment because I am too lazy. Don't expect one. It might come though. Oh well.

So, the point is, she is leaving back to her dear country tomorrow (or the day after, I can't be sure), and I will surely miss her. I hadn't seen her for a year, and now it might be another year until then. This is sad people, SAD. And e-mailing and Facebook is not the same. AT ALL. So yeah. Here I will become sad again. And that's it, pretty much. Oh and I have to meet her friend who is my clone. So yes, I have to go to Peru someday. I'd ask for donations or something, but I don't think it's necessary and I don't really expect you to do anything. See, I'm not comfortable with asking for money (it makes me feel... odd), and I dislike handling personal info. so yeah. No donations. Unless you really really really really want to and can't live without it. And even still, no donations. Just you know, good luck wishes and whatever.

Comment. Please. It makes my day.

Left-Handed Desks Wanted

Yes. Left-handed desks. At first, you would probably think "Oh, there's no such thing. A desk is a desk. It can be used by a right-handed person just the same as a left-haned person". But no. There is a difference. I speak from experience. I am left-handed.
I realized today in school, that at least 4 classrooms I take class in have desks with tables much too small (think maybe 10 inches width), and on the right side of the chair/desk contraption thing that they are. This results in me sitting in an odd angle (sideways, of course) and still twisting my back crazily, in order to be able to properly write, simply because genetic predisposition decided I am left-handed and unaverage. That results in my lower back hurting long after the day has ended (it still hurts. Ow.) and me having a deep longing for a left handed desk of some sort, or at least a normal size desk.
I told my Ethics teacher that I simply cannot write using that desk and she looked at me in all seriousness and said: "So? I can't do anything for you right now. Does it matter?". DOES IT MATTER?!?!!? What does the woman think, being a dinosaur teacher (aka, very old), and being RIGHT HANDED. Gosh. She probably can't imagine the pain I feel right now because of her. This year is suffering. So nice for a freshman, don't you think?

Therefore, I demand schools to have desks for left-handed people as well, or at least desks that are two feet wide instead of ten inches. You know, proper writing surfaces in which I can arrange my books and notebooks and still have space to nap during class while writing. Yeah. So that's my complain for today.

July 25, 2011

Something Nice That Happened Yesterday

Yeah. Yesterday I got an email. Someone had commented on a story I had on wattpad (not linking right now, because I will later, once it's finished) that I had completely forgoten about. It just so happens that that story is the one I am currently rewriting, and that the person who commented was wondering what happened next. The comment pretty much read: "Hey, write more, will ya? I wanna know what happens next!" or something along those lines. It made me happy that someone had been reading my writing, seeing as I thought no one ever would read it and like it, so that made my day.

I guess what I'm trying to say (and this goes on purple text because I felt like it) is: Don't be afraid to let others read your writing, even if you think it's terrible. True, you might not be doing so because you fear someone will copy it or something, but sometimes you have to give yourself a chance to be discovered. Who knows? What you think might be horrible writing, could in fact be gold to someone else. As they say, one person's trash = someone else's treasure. Let them read it and comment! You might be surprised at what they say. (Yeah, red text now) And by the way, it does feel nice to receive positive feedback ^.^ It's like "Oh someone liked it! I could just brag about this now (not that I will of course, hehe...)."

July 22, 2011

El libro más aburrido en la historia (después de "El niño que enloqueció del amor")

To the world- my first post in Spanish, because I decided the content was better worded in Spanish than in English, given the fact that it's a rant in Spanish in my head. I might not go through the trouble of translating this, so yeah...

Hoy mami me mandó a leer el libro que tengo de lectura de verano para la clase de español. El tedioso libro se llama "Leyendas Puertorriqueñas" por Cayetano Coll y Toste. Estuve sentada, acostada, acurrucada, parada, etc. durante par de horas leyendo leyendas que ya había escuchado anteriormente, y que en ocasiones no hacían sentido alguno. El vocabulario muy rebuscado hizo difícil la lectura, sin tomar en cuenta que incluye palabras en el lenguaje taíno. Claro, muchas de esas palabras las había escuchado antes, pero aún no entiendo el punto de tener un vocabulario tan complicado para contar algo que se puede decir de una manera mucho más simple. También pasé todo ese tiempo que estuve leyendo preguntandome para qué rayos me será necesario saber todas estas leyendas que probablemente vamos a tener que sobre-analizar en la escuela... así que un llamado a todas las maestras de español (y de inglés también, ya de una vez, para que sepan):
  1. Si van a poner un libro como lectura de verano, por favor, que sea interesante. Gracias.
  2. No nos forcen a sobre-analizar lecturas que de cualquier otra manera serían interesantes. Es muy posible que el autor o la autora no lo escribió con el propósito de que te pongas a pensar si el color de pelo representa estatus social o algo por el estilo. ¿Quién sabe? Tal vez lo escribió solamente por matar el aburrimiento. Gracias.
  3. No nos bombardeen con preguntas sin sentido. Gracias de nuevo.

Japanese Music

So today I got bored and it was raining. My friend (with whom I was chatting on Facebook) sent me a link to a song in Japanese, which I forgot about an hour ago. Anyway, that made me remember a bunch of Japanese songs I like since 6th-7th grade. I decided to download them (from uh... sources. Yeah, Google helps. A lot.) and now I have a few of them in my iPod. The songs I downloaded by the way, are:
  • Again - Yui
  • Rolling Star - Yui
  • Purachina - Maaya Sakamoto
    • This song has an English version actually, called Platinum, but you need to look for it. Some people call the Japanese version Platinum anyhow, which makes it hard to find.
  • Loop - Maaya Sakamoto
  • Blaze - Kinya
And I also downloaded the opening (the full version of the song) from W.I.T.C.H. and was wondering if anyone remembers that TV show. I loved it so much when I was younger and I never did figure out why they stopped airing it altogether, instead of playing re-runs in Jetix.

July 21, 2011


Thank you ^.^ those three people who have decided to follow me and my random ramblings, thank you :D It makes me happy to know people somewhere out there are reading my blog. Also, feel free to comment... I like comments :) Just no spam please, and I'd appreciate if the comments aren't negative. You know, teenager = fragile self-esteem and what-not. Anyhow, thank you again :D

Iguana in my Backyard

So yeah, there's an iguana practically living in my backyard. Yesterday, it tried to get into my house, as you can see by this picture:

In my opinion it's rather cute, but then again, I am weird. But seriously, look at that! If you're wondering it was around 3 feet long, but that's just me estimating from the couch, and could be wrong since it was all curled up, as you can see. Oh, here it is in close-up:
I was gonna take more pictures, but I scared it away...

Also, my dad told me he rescued it some time ago from within one of his cars (he has a few old cars in our backyard). This iguana also ate lettuce from my science fair experiment in 6th grade, and is currently munching on my mom's attempts at gardening. Oh well, what can we do?

July 19, 2011

I'm thinking...

I'm thinking I should record myself singing something. I've been thinking about this for some time now (as some might know), but I still can't decide what song to sing. I can sing just about anything, I think, the only problem is deciding what to sing.

I'm also thinking about recording myself playing In Die Nacht by Tokio Hotel. I figured out two days ago how to play it with my wonderful guitar. I actually played it long enough that my fingers started to hurt xD
Anyhow, yeah. I have to do that.

And also, I should be writing (still).

And according to this video, Pi is wrong! This is so weird...

July 15, 2011

I Should be Writing (Instead of Posting Here)

Yes people, I should be writing, as of now. My word goal for the month is 50,000 (50k) and by today I should have 24,195 but I only have (get ready for it).... 18,678. Yeah, with the last three digits in sequence, that made me feel special. Very. But that's not the point.

The point here is that I should be writing, and I'm not, and I have a horrible problem that presents itself to many writers such as I. I have writer's block. Dreadful. Which is why I have a book right next to me, three tabs open in IE, and the tv turned on to- wait, why am I watching that?! *changes channel*- ahem, the tv turned on to a crime scene investigation sort of tv show, you know, because I learn from that.

So, in a story about alien/human hybrids escaping Area 51 (that's all I'm telling you for now), what would you expect? I really need ideas. Thanks.

Stats (because I thought you people might be curious)

As of today this blog has had 302 pageviews which come down to this:
  • Browser:
    • 270 views from Internet Explorer
    • 20 views from Firefox
    • 8 views from Google Chrome
    • 4 views from Mobile Safari
  • Operating Systems:
    • 294 views from Windows
    • 4 views from Android
    • 4 views from Macintosh
  • Countries:
    • 237 views from Puerto Rico
    • 46 views from the U.S.
    • 8 views from Germany
    • 8 views from Peru
    • 2 views from U.K.
    • 1 from New Zealand
Now just so you all know, that's all the info I get, apart from the referring URL's (as in, from which site you came). No need to worry.

July 10, 2011

Harry Potter Frenzy

So what with my mom's birthday coming up and the Harry Potter premiere as well, I have decided a few things:
-I would look awesome with purple hair, and thus, I could go dressed as Tonks.
-I just had to get myself a Hogwarts robe snuggie. So soft...
-I need to watch all the previous movies back to back in a sort of marathon.
-It's fun to roleplay Harry Potter characters in Facebook chat. (yes, I have Facebook, no, I can't add you, sorry)
-Luna Lovegood pwns.

And so I have decided I will temp-dye my hair purple for the movie, and I'll go wearing my t-shirt that has a Luna quote ("I can see them too. You're just as sane as I am.") and I'll bring my snuggie instead of a jacket. I'll also bring my wand (shhh...) and I'll be ridiculously happy that day :D

June 20, 2011

Random Pictures:

My Rubik's Cubes. The keychain one is elsewhere.

Tokio Hotel for school stickers!

Rediscovered Tamagotchi obsession...

My favorite CD's. ^.^

All of that is just random lyrics.
And the webpage behind is

My iTunes. ♪♫

My USB and my combination lock.
Also, a novel I'm working on in a notebook.

Tom Kaulitz ♥

The mess that has become of my books...

My iPod (playing some Tokio Hotel)

June 11, 2011

My Wonderful Guitar and Amplifier

Because I love it do death, and it is my buddy. And because it's cool. Very much rock-star appropiate. Or rather, rock-star to be...

A Picture of Me

For those of you curious to know what I look like, here is a nice picture I found in which I don't actually look retarded (as sometimes happens) or plain weird. I am not photogenic at all. Here it is:

Me and my mom
So.... what do you think?

May 19, 2011

100 Theme Challenge

I read about this in deviantArt. Basically you get a list with 100 themes and you have to make of them what you will. Since I like writing, I decided I will make a novel based on these themes (or prompts). The only problem is I have no idea what it should be about. Most of these are quite random (whoever thought of putting mother after war?) but since they're mostly one or two words, I have to think up something. It's proving hard since so far, I've done 2 and they are both 1-2 paragraphs long. Short paragraphs. I guess that's what happens when the first theme is simply "introduction". Ideas?

May 15, 2011

Russian vs. German

So yesterday my uncle came from New Jersey. He brought along his girlfriend who is Russian but she moved to New Jersey when she was 10. Now, I face a dillema. Learn German or Russian?
I want to learn German very much because I think it's interesting (the way it sounds and all that) and I like the German version of Tokio Hotel's songs, so I'd like to understand them better. Also, my dad wants to learn German as well and we both want to go to Germany someday. I can also practice German with my best friend's cousin who speaks the language. However, I'd like to learn Russian because Nadya (my uncle's girlfriend) and I decided we'd learn each other's language. See, I speak Spanish and English and she speaks Russian and English. She will learn Spanish and I will learn Russian. Then we will practice with each other.
The only problem hear is I can't learn German and Russian at the same time because I might get confused or it will be too hard. I don't know which language to learn first since I'm interested in both (and many others) so I am looking for people's opinion.
What do you think I should do?

May 6, 2011

Rubik's Cube (and how it relates to everyday problems)

Sometimes, when I think I have a hard problem to solve, I sit down with my Rubik's Cube. I solve it over and over and over again, until I fall asleep or get tired, or perhaps until I have come up with a solution to my problem. Sometimes I feel that the cube is simpler than everyday problems. It can always be solved, once you know the algorithms. It always has that puzzling perfection that can't be ruined, except by mixing up the colors. I have four cubes.
The first one I got was for the 25th anniversary of the invention of the cube. It is my favorite because the white side is a mirror, and when it is solved, I can see my reflection.
The second one I got was a regular cube. This one was more recent and I got at the same time as the third, which was a mini keychain cube that I take dangling from my purse everywhere I go.
The fourth one was one I bought at the Boy Scouts store (where my brother gets his BS related stuff, such as the uniform). It has the different logos (if that's what they are, I'm not sure) for the different ranks of BS. That one is the hardest because I can solve the colors, but I must be careful to get the designs right, to make sure that the head isn't where the tail should go in the eagle or that the words aren't cut out because I put a piece where it shouldn't go.
I usually sit down and solve every cube until I get it correctly (which takes around 2 minutes for each) and then I feel better, or get inspired and start to write. And even when I don't get that last cube right, I know I have learned something. And I know that every problem has a solution.

April 30, 2011

My first blog post (and π)

Well, some of my friends have blogs, and I decided, hey, why not? So here I am, thinking of what to write here. For the sake of having something to talk about, I shall talk about Pi. That wonderful number yes, also written as π or as I like to write it just because I can and I am like that:


Ahem, well it's an interesting number. How to find Pi, you ask? Well, Pi = c/w. C is the circumference of a circle, and w is the width (or properly called, diameter).

Uses of Pi:
-Determine the circumference of a circle by using this formula: πr²
-Win a Pi memorization contest (and beat the current record-holder while at it!)
-Be a nerd
-Anything with circles really.
-Improve your memory
-Discover the joy of irrational numbers.