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July 15, 2011

I Should be Writing (Instead of Posting Here)

Yes people, I should be writing, as of now. My word goal for the month is 50,000 (50k) and by today I should have 24,195 but I only have (get ready for it).... 18,678. Yeah, with the last three digits in sequence, that made me feel special. Very. But that's not the point.

The point here is that I should be writing, and I'm not, and I have a horrible problem that presents itself to many writers such as I. I have writer's block. Dreadful. Which is why I have a book right next to me, three tabs open in IE, and the tv turned on to- wait, why am I watching that?! *changes channel*- ahem, the tv turned on to a crime scene investigation sort of tv show, you know, because I learn from that.

So, in a story about alien/human hybrids escaping Area 51 (that's all I'm telling you for now), what would you expect? I really need ideas. Thanks.

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