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November 6, 2011

Another post:

So as we all know (if you didn't know, well now you do), NaNo started 6 days ago. Currently I have 6611/50,000 words written. That means I'm behind by about 3391 words. Today I will write like a madwoman.
Luckily, I just finished the powerpoint I had to do for Theater, and the powerpoint I had to do for History. I think they're both pretty good, except that the History powerpoint isn't really finished because I still need the information of the other three girls in the group, but at least my part is done (animations and all).
Hopefully I won't get too much writer's block today because if I do, I'm screwed. Now, I'm gonna go add animations to the Theater powerpoint, and then probably gonna write while watching a movie or something. Or maybe I'll watch the movie and then write. Or write and reward myself with the movie. Yeah, I'll do that.
And maybe I'll make cookies too. I want to make cookies.