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May 19, 2012


On the subject of the teacher: I do not like my teacher. She is old. She is going senile. She is annoying. She is impatient. She is irksome, to say the least. She allows for no contradicting of what she thinks. Everything must be correct as she says it because it is her who said it. At least, according to her. She has no vision (as in, she is not open-minded). She isn't a very good teacher, in short. But she tries her best.
On the subject of Algebra: It's not too complicated. It just takes some analyzing to understand it. Once it makes sense, it's just logic. Math is like that. It is the office of Words that isn't. But since Math is not Words, it must be logic. Bit of deductive reasoning there. Science is sort of in between. Most of it is logic, but some of it isn't, and it takes some speculation to get to the final result. In Math the answer is always the only one it can be, if the procedures are done correctly. This allows for checking. It gives certainty. But it is much more than just that.
On the subject of Geometry: This one really is just pure logic. Think about it.
My point, and the real question here: Therefore, just why do people find Math to be so hard?

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